Parachilna Petra Table Lamp


The Petra table lamp designed by Jordi Veciana has a cylindrical base, a conical shade both made from a single piece of alabaster. Pure utility, pure material, simply beautiful.

Parachilna is a luxury lighting brand where luxury is about the integrity of the design, the quality of the materials and the artisanal craftsmanship that creates it preserving the skills and knowledge of the few remaining blacksmiths, glass blowers, ceramists and other skilled craftsmen.

Dimensions: small - Ø16 cm, height 16 cm; medium - Ø40 cm, height 39 cm; large - Ø50 cm, height 48 cm; cable length 200 cm

Materials: alabaster

Light source: 1 x E27 LED 15W 2700K lightbulb

Dimmer included


Please note that this item is bespoke and made to order.

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About Parachilna - Luxury design lighting company based in Barcelona. Parachilna lamps and most of components are assembled and made by cutting edge technology machines: humans. There’s someone that took out the ceramic from the mould, someone that blew the glass and someone that mounted the lamp and packed it. All those persons imprint their energy in each fixture. That makes them unique and one of a kind. Parachilna believes that human-made is the best made!