Luxury design lighting company based in Barcelona.

Parachilna lamps and most of components are assembled and made by cutting edge technology machines: humans. There’s someone that took out the ceramic from the mould, someone that blew the glass and someone that mounted the lamp and packed it.

All those persons imprint their energy in each fixture. That makes them unique and one of a kind. Parachilna believes that human-made is the best made!

Parachilna Petra Table Lamp
Parachilna Oïphorique Floor Lamp
Parachilna Oïphorique Ceiling Light
Parachilna NITŌ Pendant Light
Parachilna Manila Ceiling Light
Parachilna Manila Suspension Light
Parachilna Ma-Rock Table Lamp
Parachilna Ma-Rock T PE Suspension Light
Parachilna Ma-Rock T ME Suspension Light
Parachilna Ma-Rock T GR Suspension Light
Parachilna Lightoread Table Lamp
Parachilna Lightolight Wall Light
Parachilna Lightolight Floor Lamp
Parachilna Lighto Floor Lamp
Parachilna Lighto Wall Light
Parachilna Jerry! Floor Lamp
Parachilna Gweilo Zhou Suspension Light
Parachilna Gweilo Song Table Lamp
Parachilna Gweilo Qin Floor Lamp
Parachilna Gweilo Han Floor Lamp
Parachilna Ghan Floor Lamp