An LED driver is an electrical device that is designed to control the power to an LED so that it remains constant.  The purpose of a transformer is to change the voltage of an AC supply. If you are installing new lighting, you may want to consider investing in a driver and/or transformer.

Inspyer Lighting offers a variety of lighting accessories, including drivers and transformers, to help you control your LEDs. If you are unsure about how these work or how to install them, feel free to get in touch. Our enthusiastic team of lighting experts are always more than happy to answer any questions or make appropriate recommendations when it comes to our products. 

Our products are manufactured by industry-leading brands to ensure superior quality. Please browse our range below and click on the product of interest for further information. Delivery is quick and free of charge on all orders to mainland UK.

Tala Voronoi Ceiling Plate Sold out
DCW editions Classic Shade Sale
Tala Linear Ceiling Plate Sold out
DCW editions Shade Extra Large Sale
DCW editions Glass Ball Reflector Sale
DCW editions Shade Large Sale
Flos My Way Installation Box
Flos Camouflage 140 Installation Box
Flos Real Matter Installation Box
Flos Driver 24V 100W Non Dimmable
Flos Driver 24V 70W Non Dimmable
Flos Driver 24V 50W Non Dimmable
Flos Driver 24V 20W Non Dimmable
Flos Driver 24V 10W Non Dimmable
Flos Driver 24V 8W Non Dimmable
Flos Gaku Lamp Accessories
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