Outdoor Wall Lights

Finding outdoor lights that suit the aesthetics of a building’s exterior is made simple with our fantastic selection of wall lights. Outdoor wall lights are a fantastic option if you wish to increase the safety and security of your property, deter criminals and extend the use of your garden after sundown. Whether you are after something sleek and stylish or something a little more traditional, we are sure to have what you’re looking for.

At Inspyer Lighting, we are pleased to say that we can provide our customers with such an extensive range to suit a variety of lighting requirements.  What’s more, all of our products have been sourced from established brands that we trust. As a result, we are certain that anything you order from us will be superb quality, reliable and safe to install/use.

Please feel free to browse our outdoor wall lights below and place an online order if you see anything you like. It’s unlikely that you’ll have any issues with the installation of your new outdoor wall lights, but if you are struggling, make sure you contact a professional for some assistance. We do not charge for delivery to mainland UK or on orders over £250 in the EU. In addition, we have a handy price match service in order to help you get the best value for money on the market.

If you have any questions or can’t seem to find what you need, you’re welcome to call us on 01992 252900. Our staff are all fully trained and can offer knowledgeable, professional advice in order to help you complete your project quickly and successfully.  If you’d prefer to install something a little less conspicuous, we have various other outdoor lighting options available on our website. Whatever your lighting needs, we are confident you’ll find the solution with Inspyer Lighting.

8125 Oval Aluminium Bulkhead Light With Eye Shield Save 20%
Marine Mast Wall Light Sale
LED Mast Wall Light Sale

LED Mast Wall Light

from £155.00
7003 Oval Aluminium Bulkhead Light With Guard Sale
7672 Exterior Bracket Light 60W Round Back Plate Sale
Mast Wall Light With Cast Transformer Box Sale
8122 Oval Aluminium Bulkhead Light With Guard Save 20%
7685 Exterior Bracket Light Sale
7677 Exterior Bracket Light 100W Swan Neck Sale
7672 Exterior Bracket Light 60W Corner Fork Sale
Weatherproof Ship's Well Glass Wall Light with Guard Save 20%
Weatherproof Ship's Double Well Glass Wall Light Sale
7677 Guard 100W Painted Black Save 20%
7677 Guard 60W Galvanised and Black Save 20%
Cornet A/01 Outdoor Wall Light Save 15%
8124 Small Oval Aluminium Bulkhead Light Sale