Artemide Curiosity Table Lamp


The Curiosity table lamp by Artemide is a portable lamp whose shape reveals its natural vocation for showcasing, but at the same time for relations. It highlights spaces where people gather or the objects it can accommodate within the footprint of its base. Neutral and essential in its light structure, it becomes functional by enhancing the content.

It is a frame for displaying objects, with its base providing the element that accommodates whatever items you wish to display, illuminated by the small spotlight on the top. Curiosity brings its illuminated space anywhere, and thanks to its long running time it allows you to reinvent everyday lightscapes. It designs freedom dedicated to the individual, adapting to the domestic space, but above all it enables original new scenarios in public spaces.
The Curiosity portable table lamp creates flexible and mobile displays, it is also a perfect tool for retail spaces, for exhibitions or for restaurants, where it creates an intimate and elegant atmosphere able to follow the changing organisation of spaces.



Curiosity 36: 15 x 18 x 36 cm

Curiosity 45: 21 x 21 x 45 cm


Light source: integrated LED 3000K; Push button dimmer

Materials: aluminium

Battery life:

Dimmer step 1: 8h

Dimmer step 2: 11h

Dimmer step 3: 26h

3 hrs fast charge

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