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Behind the brand: The story of DCW Éditions

Behind the brand: The story of DCW Éditions

The DCW Éditions story begins back in 2008, when they began to produce the work of inventor Bernard-Albin Gras; in particular ‘The Gras lamp’. This lamp design was the starting point for modern lighting, and the 20th Century’s first articulated lamp.

2013 saw the creation of Bernard Schottlander’s ‘Mantis lamps’ which were designed back in 1951 and emblematic of the 1950’s.

In 2015 a fortunate meeting with Bertrand Balas allowed DCW Éditions to recreate his hanging pendant light ‘Here Comes the Sun’ from 1970, which has gone on to be collected by many French lighting addicts. This exceptional pendant light is perfect for the home interior, a bar design or restaurant decor.

In the same year a collaboration between the architect Dominique Perrault and designer Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost resulted in the unique creation of ‘In the Tube’, a high-performance range of tube style lighting, that look as though they could be gadgets from a James Bond or sci-fi movie.

In 2017 we saw the launch of the futuristic yet elegant ‘ISP Lamp’, designed by Ilia Potemine.
This distinctive and contemporary light design has no switch and no dimmer. It is a jewel of a lamp that illuminates as it glides from its brass capsule. The ISP range marks a new generation of lighting from DCW éditions.

2018 saw the start of the ‘New Collection’ by Éric de Dormael. These "sculpture lights", characterised by their fluidity, their form and their transparency, are all about the subtle interplay of light and shadow. Part of this collection is Éric de Dormael’s stunning ‘Broche Chandeliers’, which are believed to ‘bring forth images, leave impressions and provoke sensations’.

Today DCW éditions continue to refer to their remarkable lighting designs as ‘objects’, not products.
They see each ‘object’ as a companion to our daily existence: well-conceived, well designed and well-made. These fundamentals haven’t changed since they began and will continue to drive them forwards for future generations to enjoy.

We are excited to see what new innovative lighting designs are to come from DCW Éditions in the future.

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