Slamp The Lightning Archives Floor Lamp


The Lightning Archives Of Studio Job Floor Lamp "Tube XL"

Iconic semantics meet Dadaist derivations in Studio Job’s ode to the Tube, bringing a daring poetic aura to the historic Slamp lighting masterpiece, first produced in the early nineties.

Dense metaphoric suggestions, transposed cult references, and two-dimensional forms take on depth when printed on transparent Cristalflex® superimposed on an Opalflex® layer, transmitting the light uniformly.

The result is pure extremism, and the Floor Lamp Tubes are a complete work of art, bathed in semantics, brought forth from a “cabinet of curiosities” true to Studio Job’s groovy style.


Opalflex® / Cristalflex®


H1600mm x 370mm x 210mm


Bulbs (not included)

E27 - 3 x 12W LED Filament

- IP 20
- Dimmer included
- Brass/Coloured finish profiles

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