Moooi The Party Wall Lamp


The Moooi Party Wall Lamps share the same basic tactile feel, a subtle roughness given by the granular ceramic finish, but are distinguished by their individual style. Designed by Kranen/Gille.

The Party wall light is inspired by a clan of strong, captivating personalities. Their casted ceramic faces bring to light our fascination with secrets, family dynamics and intrigue. If seen together, as a splendid party, they brighten up the stage with their cool playfulness. Yet behind the lamps’ composed façades a mischievous side seeps through and touches our imagination.




Glenn - The Mayor



  • material description - ceramic, Enogobio Finish, Alumminum, Brass knob
  • dimmer type - mains dimmable (trailing edge / reverse phase)
  • installation required - yes
  • light source type - LED
  • light source included - yes
  • number of light source - 1
  • input voltage - 220-240V
  • frequency - 50/60Hz
  • power consumption - MAX 6 W
  • dimmable - yes
  • lamp holder type - LED (Solid state)
  • colour temperature -2700K
  • CRI 85
  • light output -77 Lumen

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