Jacco Maris Solo LED Outdoor Wall Lamp


With its minimalist design, Solo does not outspokenly call attention to itself, but in all its purity it has a quiet presence.

Each luminaire is cast and polished by hand, which makes each one unique. The sand-like texture gives the lamp a warm, natural appearance and the halogen reflector provides a pleasant, diffuse light.

An interesting snippet of information is that the collection is an ode to Solo, Jacco Maris’s dog. His personal paw print on the back is a silent witness to this.



Length 26cm x Width 7.5cm x Height 13cm 


- Weight: 2.5kg (Bronze 6kg)
- Lightsource: LED 6.5W up & 6.5W down / 3000k
- Non-Dimmable 
- IP55

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