Jacco Maris Framed Suspension Lamp Circle

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The Framed Suspension Lamp Circle by Jacco Maris, is a circle made of hot rolled steel. The lighting system is integrated in the steel frame. The lines of this lamp creates a light spectacle against wall, ceiling, floor or table. Available in three finishes and five sizes. 

Please note that this item is made to order and the lead time is approximately 5-6 weeks.



50cm circle


70cm circle





A standard white driver box will be added to your order. Other driver boxes are available (if you require one of these please email us after placing your order)


DRIVER.TYPE1 DALI/1-10V/0-10V/push on the mains, (push on the mains replaces TRIAC) 

FR.DB.A.WH framed driver box WxDxH = 24x8x4cm White (standard) 
FR.DB.A.AN framed driver box WxDxH = 24x8x4cm Anodic brown 
FR.DB.A.GM framed driver box WxDxH = 24x8x4cm Coated bare steel

Additional charge (contact us for details)
FR.DB.R.WH framed driver box round Ø23cm x 5cm White 
BO.DB.R.AN framed driver box round Ø23cm x 5cm Anodic brown 
BO.DB.R.GM framed driver box round Ø23cm x 5cm Coated bare steel
*Note: driver box round is suitable for 2 framed circles maximum.

DRIVER.TYPE1.CAS Driver including Casambi bluetooth dimming control, app controlled (additional charge, please email us for prices)

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