Humble One Portable Lamp


The Humble One is the first battery-powered lamp that puts the bulb front and centre. On average, a full charge produces more than 120 hours of light. Charge the lamp via cable, wirelessly on any Qi-standard charger, or on the matching humble charging dock. Under the hood of the humble One is a clever, modular, battery-powered system, in which all components are easily serviceable and replaceable. This gives the One an even longer potential lifespan – and makes upgrades an option as well.  The humble One was created by Amsterdam based design studio APE.  This award-winning studio is known for their simple, no-nonsense aesthetic combined with technical and sustainable innovations.

Lead time 3-7 working days

Accessories for the Humble one can be found here - 

Additional Bulbs

Remote Control 

Wireless Docking Stations

Please note - Each portable lamp has a clear glass bulb included, with exception of gold and silver which are accompanied by a smoke glass bulb. 

Base - Aluminium
Cover - PBT or aluminium
Bulb - Glass
Seals - Silicon

Indoor, occasional outdoor use possible
(don’t leave outside, but can withstand a rain shower)

Ø: 8,5 cm / 3.3 in, H: 19,5 cm / 7.7 in

Technical specifications
Light source: E27 low-voltage bulb
Power: > 1W, 3V
Kelvin: 2200k
Dimmable: 3 levels
Candle 8 lumen
Ambient 16 lumen
Work 43 lumen
Battery capacity: 4000 mAh / 3.7V
Charging cable: USB-C to USB-A
Control: Toggle switch on bottom of base
Adapter: 5V 2A (= 10W, recommended)
5V 3A (= 15W, max)
Battery life
Candle: > 140 hours
Ambient: > 80 hours
Work: > 40 hours

Charging wirelessly or via cable (USB-C to USB-A).
Charging time to full power with USB cable: up to 4 hours,
depending on what adaptor is used. Charging time to full
power wirelessly: up to 6 hours with 10 W wireless charger.
Any QI certified wireless charger is suitable to charge a
humble® One light.