Foscarini Caboche Plus Ceiling Light


The Caboche lights by Foscarini transform light into a sparkling composition of transparent spheres: a design gem resulting from an amalgam of technology and creativity.

The Caboche is one of Foscarini's best-selling products, and it has become a genuine icon in the world of lighting and design. Rich, bright and sophisticated, Caboche is a mosaic of refractions. When it is turned on, the light diffuses from inside the spheres like lots of bright crystals, providing 360° lighting of the surrounding environment and guaranteeing direct lighting on the underlying surface and reflection on the ceiling.  

Caboche Plus develops the basic concepts of Caboche, relying on new technologies and a further step of simplification: more transparency, a lighter image, and a quality of light – after the redesign of the new zigzag brackets, which do not block the light and vanish from view when the spheres have been installed – that is almost a liberation. 
The new “twist lock” attachment system frees the bright glow of the spheres, making their attachment point invisible. It also simplifies insertion, ensuring absolute stability with a simple click.  The spheres thus seem to float in the air, with a very striking effect of total transparency. The light spreads without interference, also thanks to the larger cross- section and shiny finish of the base of the new spheres.
The new Caboche Plus ceiling lamp contains a circuit of 220 LEDs with the same power as the Caboche Plus large suspension version. The light flow has been significantly augmented with effective reduction of energy consumption with respect to the previous halogen model.


Materials: PMMA, blown glass, chromed metal.

Shade Height: 19 cm

Width: 50 cm

Bulb: LED 26W, 2700k, 3645lm, CRI>90

Voltage: 220 / 240V

IP Rating: IP20

Dimming options are as follows::  

  • On-Off
  • Push/DALI
  • MyLight (Bluetooth)

MyLight lets you control and personalise light to suit your needs. Thanks to an app activated and used via bluetooth by smart devices, it will be possible to detect your Foscarini MyLight lamps in the vicinity and to regulate their luminous effects, to make your light, your lamp, your home increasingly unique and personal. MyLight, which uses Casambi technology, is the best dimming option to choose if you have standard UK mains wiring.

Please note that PUSH or DALI dimming is not suitable for standard mains dimming.

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