Flos Toio Floor Lamp


The Toio floor lamp by Flos provides indirect lighting. Angle iron and formed steel base, painted in a variety of colours. Hexagonal nickel-plated brass height-adjustable stem with a telescopic head. On the cable, there is the electronic dimmer which allows the regulation of light brightness.

Toio is a name that Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni coin by playing with the English term ‘toy’, thanks to their own ability to take a foreign word and make it familiar and meaningful to the Italian tongue.
The Toio floor lamp is assembled by using a special car light imported from the United States in 1962, buckles of a fishing rod, and shiny lacquer, owns the magic of a toy for the adults’ world.

Available in Black, Red, White finish.

Delivery: 3-5 business days for items that are in stock. Items that are not in stock are made to order and typically delivered within 3-4 weeks.

Technical information

- Light source: 1 x LED 23W Pro-Par56 GX16d 1600lm 3000K; Dimmer included
- Materials: Steel
- IP20
- Dimensions: Ø 170 mm ; max height 1950 mm; cord length 2.47 m