Flos Flauta Spiga Outdoor Wall Light


The Flauta wall lights by Flos is a collection of outdoor wall-mounted light fittings with dual light emission, available in various lengths. The units are characterised by the surface etching in two refined variations: Flauta Riga, with vertical lines, and Flauta Spiga, characterised by an elegant and sophisticated angular pattern. Rounding out the device is a deflector accessory painted to match the finish of the lamp body. It can be installed as desired on the upper or lower head to create a decorative effect with reflected light. The structure is made of aluminium treated with a chemical conversion process for effective resistance to atmospheric agents. The powder coating of the body is available in various finishes according to the QUALICOAT standard. Comes with deflector for optional installation on the upper or lower head.

Delivery: 3-5 weeks. Please email info@inspyerlighting.co.uk if you would like us to confirm lead times for this item

Technical information

- Light source: Integrated LED - 12W 2700K; Dimmable PUSH and DALI
- Materials: Aluminium
- IP65 (suitable for outdoor or bathroom installation)
- Dimensions: Flauta 1 - H 225mm Ø 45mm; Flauta 2 - H 500mm Ø 45mm; Flauta 3 - H 1000mm Ø 45mm

Inspyer Lighting is a certified UK Flos dealer