Flos Camouflage Outdoor Wall Light

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The Camouflage outdoor wall lights by Flos:

Camouflage 140 mm

Includes power cable of 100 mm, 24V remote power supply to be ordered separately (not included). The power supply can be installed remotely (installation box not required) or housed at the back of the luminaire in the optional installation box.

Camouflage 240 mm

Integrated 220/240V power supply. Supplied with a 1000 mm lenght outgoing neoprene cable.

Available in Primer, White, Grey, Anthracite, Black, Deep Brown, Basaltina Stone, Concrete, Crema d’Orcia Stone finish.

Delivery: 3-5 business days for items that are in stock. Items that are not in stock are made to order and typically delivered within 3-4 weeks.

Technical information

- Light source: Mid Power Led
- IP65
- Dimensions: Ø 140 mm /  Ø 240 mm