AxoLight Liaison Double Suspension Light


The Liaison suspension light by Axolight tells about the perfect balance of three geometric archetypes: sphere, circle and cylinder compose a system that includes the single pendant and as well as the multiple compositions.

Designed by Sara Moroni, The Liaison is made of matt gold and black metal elements, handcrafted, which can create a single pendant or articulated compositions. Although decorative, all the elements are essential and load-bearing: the semicircle embraces the other two elements giving shape to the object and leading the cables, the cylinder keeps the LED light source, the sphere contributes to the creation of a static balance.


- S -565 x 1136 mm, max height 3800 mm; M - 845 x 1820 mm, max height 5000 mm; L - 1005 x 2212 mm, max height 5000 mm


- Light source: LED 2 x 9W / 4 x 7.5W / 8 x 7.5W
- Voltage: 220-240
- IP Rating: IP20
- Dimmable: Yes
- Country of manufacture: Italy

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