Artemide Mimesi Floor Lamp


The Mimesi floor lamp by Artemide - light, architectural space and natural landscape are the main elements of this project, based on principles of reduction of energy and materials. Thanks to a slim recycled aluminium structure and methacrylate body, the Mimesi lamp does not hinder the vision, but silently integrates with the surrounding environment. When turned on it becomes a central element highlighting luminous writing on the cortex of the light. An indirect 40 W LED light source and a diffused one guarantee double light emission and two different colour temperatures. The combination of the controlling circuit and innovative LED technology results in a reduced need for maintaince.

INTEGRALIS® is a revolutionary lighting technology that sanitizes spaces to bring people back to enjoy them together. Light has a positive effect on people, it can improve the quality of the environment and our well-being, supporting the rhythm of our activities.



Base: 30 x 30 cm

Height: 193 cm


Light source: integrated LED 3000K / 6000K / Integralis 5000K; Artemide app compatible

Materials: steel, aluminium, technopolymer


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