Artemide Huara Table Lamp


The Huara table lamp by Artemide is about integrating the first and the last moment in the history of light: celestial spheres with electronics. On the one hand the designers want light to vary its intensity and direction according to phases more than moving pieces of a mechanism. On the other hand, they want to acknowledge the fact that the future of light is electronic, not electric. The distinctive potential of electronics is its capacity to carry information that allow for multiple ways of interaction, such as a tactile screen.

The Huara light is a low voltage, moveable, dark sphere intuitively activated by touch. Hence the name Huara, the aymarà word for star. Aymarà is the native population of the Acatama desert, the driest and darkest one in the world. In other words, the place from where one can see more stars in the planet; no wonder that by 2020, 70 % of the cutting edge astronomical observation capacity of the planet will be in the land of Aymarà. Huara is to honour the original light source of mankind and the state of the art technology.


Diameter: 30 cm


Light source: integrated LED 3000K 2000lm

Materials: aluminium, plastic

Touch Dimmer

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