Artemide Demetra Professional Wall Light


The Demetra Professional wall light by Artemide was designed to address the need for a task light with greater flows allowing to obtain high illuminance on the desk. With the advanced LED technology and the adoption of smart elementary solutions, maximum performance is ensured in a minimal product.

The lamp has the typical essential look of the original Demetra wall lamp, but its head is a more complex optical device, designed for more powerful LEDs also through painstaking study of thermal science. The aluminium bottom of the head’s body works as a heatsink by taking shape and folding inside the head to accommodate the LED, however without contact and therefore without creating a heat bridge with the top. This allows maximum dissipation, and therefore the use of a high-power COB LED, without affecting its functionality deriving from operation and from direct user relation with the lamp. The top of its head can be safely touched without contact with high temperatures. Emission is controlled by a reflector that slightly protrudes from the head’s profile and designs perfect illuminance on the top to create a work station with a high colour yield (Cri 90).

The Demetra family becomes more complete to satisfy all the needs of different application fields with flexible and comprehensive solutions, as well as with specific and dedicated ones.

Motion Detector option detects moving objects and people and turns the light on or off accordingly.


63.5 x 63.7 cm


Light source: Integrated LED

Materials: aluminium, technopolymer, steel

Microswitch Dimmer

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