Slamp Clizia Table Lamp - Battery Powered


The Clizia Table Lamp from Slamp is a botanical beauty. A battery powered cordless table lamp which can be easily moved from place to place, bringing soft illumination to a dinner party, an early bedside wake-up, or a warm bath. The possibilities are endless.

The decorative table lamp can create an elegant lighting centerpiece when grouped together, or perhaps choose to place several table lamps along the length of a table making for a great wedding table display.

It is a fitting decoration for interior designers or event organisers looking to give a romantic, glam touch to their téte-a-téte events held in hotels, and in cafés and restaurants; lighting that makes way for endless imagination and creativity.


Lentiflex®/ Cristalflex®


Ø 270mm x H250mm


Lightsource: 1.3W dimmable LED - 150 Lumen
2700 Kelvin Rechargable Li-ion battery
with USB / DC plug included
Cell 3.7 Vdc 2500 mAh Charge 5 Vdc 1 A
Battery Duration: at max. intensity around 6,5 hours duration, at min. intensity around 60 hours duration
5 hours recharging time

- IP 20
- MagneticSystem® Coloured Steel Base

Includes rechargeable batteries.

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About Slamp - Slamp is an Italian lighting design specialist working alongside the most prestigious international lighting designers to create modern lamps and unique lights suitable for residential interiors, hotels, restaurants, bars, and retail outlets.