Flos Camouflage 140 Recessed Installation Box & 8W Power Supply


The Flos Camouflage outdoor wall light will normally require both a power supply (driver) and a recessed installation box to operate correctly.

As standard we provide the Flos recommended power supply, which is RF25748 (DRIVER 24Vdc 8W 110-240V IP65 CL.II selv *** NOT DIMMABLE) which can be housed in the black installation box (included). 

Installation Box Dimensions: Ø 90 mm; height 55 mm

Other drivers, for remote installation, are listed below and are available on request.

RF25747 DRIVER 24Vdc 10W 110-240V IP20 CL.II selv *** NOT DIM
RF25752 DRIVER 24Vdc 20W 220-240V IP67 CL.II selv *** NOT DIM
RF25755 DRIVER 24Vdc 50W 120-240V IP67 CL.II selv *** NOT DIM
RF25749 DRIVER 24Vdc 70W  220-240V IP67 CL.II selv *** NOT DIM
RF25756 DRIVER 24Vdc 100W 120-240V IP67 CL.II selv *** NOT DIM


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