Preciosa Glory Solitaire Pendant Collection

The Glory pendant light, part of the Solitaire range by Preciosa Lighting, is a beautifully crafted combination of a soft, opaque, traditionally cut glass crystal inner layer that houses a G9 LED light fitting, and is held suspended within a contemporary, clear, moulded glass housing on the outside. 

The clear glass produces a delicate light which works wonderfully alone or as part of a cluster and creates a timeless feature piece for any lobby, hallway, reception room or dining space.

The Glory can be purchased as a single solitaire or as a fixed cluster of three, five or seven pendant lights.

Preciosa Glory Pendant Light Cluster of 7
Preciosa Glory Pendant Light Cluster of 5
Preciosa Glory Pendant Light Cluster of 3
Preciosa Glory Pendant Light
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