Graypants Wick Portable Table Lamp


The Wick portable table lamp by Graypants is designed with the belief that light is meant to be shared: it is the connecting tool that humanises moments of our lives. Creating a place to gather, Wick is designed to be a companion, to join in adventures and create togetherness and ambiance every time. Wick is a call from our past to the future. It’s the opportunity to mindfully light the present. Combining the romance of a candle with the utility of a flashlight, Wick adapts to and fits a broad variety of contexts, from an intimate home to a bustling restaurant patio, to a warm office kitchen. Available in Brass, Graphite, Black and White.


Ø 12 x 26 cm


Light source: 1W LED 2600K

Rechargeable USB-C

Battery life: 7 - 100 hours dependent on setting

Charging time: 2A Current: 1.5 hrs, 1A Current: 3 hrs

Modes: Touch (H) high, (M) medium, (L) low, (P) Pulse

Material: Plated Aluminum, Acrylic

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About Graypants - Graypants lighting collection is bold, creative and diverse in design. The Scraplights are Graypants flagship line of pendant lights and are made entirely of repurposed corrugated cardboard. The Graypants range of natural, modern light fittings is suitable for both residential and commercial lighting interiors.