Marset Ambrosia Ceiling Light


The Ambrosia ceiling light by Marset. Its design stems from a tubular structure with gentle lines that attaches to the ceiling, allowing the light to descend and gently illuminate any type of project.

This lighting system is available in four pre-set lengths, from 120 to 315 cm. Extensions measuring 40 and 60 cm let you define the height from which to hang them. That way, you can adjust their distance from the ceiling to create visually uninterrupted compositions.

The LED SMD 24V light tube is available in three warm colour temperatures, 2200K, 2700K and 3000K, and offers adjustable intensity. It can also be installed on a canopy that includes the driver, or hidden and recessed (canopies and drivers sold separately).


Dimensions:  length 120cm / 180cm / 210cm / 315cm

Please note the height is 26.6cm. It can be increased by means of the 40 or 60 cm poles (max. 3 units per each side). They can be combined. Sold separately.

Materials: aluminium, methacrylate

Light source: integrated LED, 24V remote power supply has to be ordered separately here

Dimmable: It depends on the purchased power supply, Triac or DALI

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