The Luceplan catalogue contains an extensive, versatile range of lighting fixtures, with high standards of performance and aesthetics, crossing fields of applications and adapting to any usage need, any context: products that combine functional quality with the decorative appeal of architecture for the home and public spaces, from the small to the large scale.

Besides applying the most innovative technologies and materials, also by introducing solutions from other fields of research in the world of light, the experimental approach of the brand has been immediately translated, ahead to the times, into a focus on environmental issues and energy saving, through rationalization of production as a whole, from the idea to the assembly to the packaging, guaranteeing a correct life cycle for fixtures, all the way to their disposal.

Luceplan Compendium Suspension Light
Luceplan Lita Ceiling/Wall Light
Luceplan Costanza Floor Lamp
Luceplan Lane Wall Light

Luceplan Lane Wall Light

Luceplan Lita Suspension Light
Luceplan Malamata Wall Light
Luceplan Flia Outdoor Floor Lamp
Luceplan Ecran In & Out Outdoor Wall Light
Luceplan Compendium Circle Suspension Light
Luceplan Lady Costanza Suspension Light
Luceplan Costanza Table Lamp - Fixed
Luceplan Malamata Suspension Light
Luceplan Malamata Floor Lamp
Luceplan Zile Pendant Light