Ilfari Ballroom Chandelier


The Ballroom chandelier by Ilfari is designed to provide light, air and atmosphere in an impressive yet refined way. Inspired by a room full of individual dancers, resulting in a true spectacle.

Available in:

Base chrome, matt white, matt black.

Technical information:


C15 ceiling plate diameter Ø 35 cm x 300 cm

C20 ceiling plate diameter Ø 50 cm x 300 cm

C32 ceiling plate diameter Ø 60 cm x 300 cm

C100 ceiling plate diameter Ø 120 cm x 300 cm

C145 ceiling plate diameter Ø 150 cm x 300 cm

Materials: glass, metal

Light source: 

C15 15 X LED 1620LM

C20 20 X LED 2160LM

C32 32 X LED 3456LM

C100 100 X LED 10800LM

C145 145 X LED 15660LM


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