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Lighting Tips for Open Plan Living

Lighting Tips for Open Plan Living

In an open plan space, one great way to create a sense of character is to use various different lighting styles. With reduced walls, your options might be limited, so you need to think carefully about the overall lighting scheme. Try to imagine where the walls might be and visualise each section as an individual room rather than one big space. Layered lighting allows you to manipulate each space and play with the mood; read on for some additional tips.

Within the kitchen area, task lighting is always a fantastic choice because it allows you to illuminate your work surfaces so that you can avoid any accidents when preparing food. Led strip light recessed along the underside of cabinets provide great task lighting and spotlights work well to provide strong, general lighting. Make sure to use LED spotlights, as they are an energy efficient option which will help reduce your overall utility bills. 

Floor and desk lamps are suitable options for the living room section as they are warmer and more inviting than ceiling lights alone, perfect for those cosy nights on the sofa. With regards to your dining area, pendants are advised because they look stunning when hanging over a table or kitchen island. As well as looking beautiful, they also allow you to create a distinct separation between the sections of your open plan home. 

Aiming for an eclectic look can be quite overwhelming, but the trick is to be adventurous and step out of your comfort zone. We’d also be more than happy to give you some professional advice if you’d like to get in touch!


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