Bover Atticus P/114/R Battery Outdoor Floor Lamp


The Atticus P/114/R battery outdoor floor lamp by Bover welcomes and accompanies, making any time and space more attractive. Aesthetics and simplicity, coupled with versatility and functionality. With Atticus, less is more. Light and simple in its design, yet sophisticated in the possibilities it offers with its discreet personality. Atticus is always there, creating atmosphere, enveloping, but barely taking up any surface space. A company that follows us wherever we want: next to the table while we eat, by the sofa or in the garden as part of the seasonal design.


Aluminum, Stainless steel, Polyethylene, Synthetic fiber, Brass.


Ø20 cm x Height 114 cm
- 3.2W LED 400 lm
- CRI: 90
- Degrees Kelvin: 2700º
- Voltage: 230V~50Hz
- IP Rating: IP66


On/Off switch with 50% and 100% light levels.
Charge Time: +/- 5.3 hours
Battery Duration at 100%: +/- 5 hours
Battery Duration at 50%: +/- 11 hours
Charger included
Battery warranty is excluded from fixture warranty.
The charge connector is located under the base of the fixture.