Bover Atticus P/114/R Battery Outdoor Floor Lamp


The Atticus P/114/R battery outdoor floor lamp by Bover makes any space more attractive. Atticus is always there, creating atmosphere, enveloping, but barely taking up any surface space. A company that follows you wherever you want: next to the table while you eat, by the sofa or in the garden as part of the seasonal design.


Aluminum, Stainless steel, Polyethylene, Synthetic fiber, Brass.


Ø20 cm x height 114 cm
- 3.2W LED 400 lm
- CRI: 90
- Degrees Kelvin: 2700º
- Voltage: 230V~50Hz
- IP Rating: IP66


On/Off switch with 50% and 100% light levels.
Charge Time: +/- 5.3 hours
Battery Duration at 100%: +/- 5 hours
Battery Duration at 50%: +/- 11 hours
Charger included
Battery warranty is excluded from fixture warranty.
The charge connector is located under the base of the fixture.

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