Voronoi I LED Bulb 2W

by Tala


Inspired by the Voronoi patterns found in the forest canopy, Tala 3D-printed a series of Voronoi structures in resin. To give the process to our form-finding mission, we simulated natural erosion over time and rounded off the sharp lines to arrive at a final glass form that looks and feels like an object carved by nature.

The Voronoi I delivers a compact sculptural look. Its charm is amplified when clustered in groups of three or more.

Tala has come up with a simple way to help you reduce your carbon footprint. Effectively, when you buy Tala, you’re buying into 2 low-carbon solutions. These are:

1. Preventing future emissions with energy-efficient lighting

Carbon dioxide emissions and energy use are inextricable. Lighting accounts for nearly 6% of global CO2 emissions. A global switch to LED technology could save over 1,400 million tons of CO2 and avoid the construction of 1,250 power stations. When you switch to Tala from an incandescent, CFL or halogen lamp, you immediately reduce your carbon footprint by preventing the unnecessary burning of fossil fuels.

2. Absorbing existing emissions with forest restoration

Forests remove up to 30 percent of human carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere through photosynthesis. Without healthy forests, we won’t be able to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Every light we sell funds reforestation projects around the world.


- Wattage: 2W
- Lampholder: E26/27
- CRI: >95
- Lumens: 80
- Colour Temp.: 2200K
- Dimmable 
- Finish: Gold


Delivery approximately 1 week.