Pablo Designs Elise Floor Lamp


The Elise floor lamp by Pablo Designs  is a conceptual tribute to the machine age: streamlined, understated, and honest in its function as a light source. Celebrating the most classic of industrial forms, the cylinder, two elements compose the lamp: a new polished marble base conceals the light source, providing ample ballast, while its towering frosted acrylic diffuser becomes a beacon of light. Its confident, geometric simplicity enables it to comfortably inhabit a diversity of spaces. Elise offers a full dimming range and is available in heights ranging from 50” to 80”.

Delivery approximately 3-4 weeks. 


Dimensions: diameter 13.8 cm / 15 cm; height 127 cm / 152 cm / 203 cm

Materials: marble, PMMA

Light source: Elise 50/60: 3000K E26 base 60W PAR30 NSP halogen bulb: 1090lm

Elise 80: 3000K E26 base 70W PAR38 NSP halogen bulb: 1380lm

Dimmable Full range dim (in-line slide dimmer)

Cord: 182 cm length