Lladro Cactus Dome Table Lamp


The Lladro Cactus Dome Table Lamp is made of matte white porcelain. It has an eye-catching, large, dome-shaped screen, made of translucent porcelain that allows us to appreciate the laborious work of decorating the hand-engraved motifs of a cactus on its surface.

Cactus Dome lamp is a new line of lamps based on the technique of lithophanies. When turned on, the light projects the motifs emitting a warm and suggestive glow that invites to calm, to relaxation with a welcoming effect. Its engravings enhance the shape of a cactus. The rechargeable LED module is included in the lamp (with a sticker on the bottom if you want to stick it on the base). The lamp have a hole in the back of the base to allow the cable to pass through and charge it when closed. 4 to 7 hours of autonomy when fully charged with a mobile phone charger that has a USB port. The charger is not included.

Sculptor: Dept. Diseno y Decoracion

Height (cm): 15 / Width (cm): 11 / Length (cm): 11

For more specific information please email info@inspyerlighting.co.uk

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