Graypants Scraplight Tilt White Table Lamp

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Using custom-made entirely white corrugated cardboard, the Scraplights White series abstracts and elevates the layered cardboard aesthetic that Graypants has been carefully evolving since their beginning. This radical departure from the traditional Scraplights Series is precision cut by advanced machinery, assembled by hand using non-toxic adhesive, and treated with a non-toxic fire retardant coating.

Built to last, each Tilt Lamp features a sturdy steel frame, textile wrapped cord, bottom felt pad, and durable switch. Easily swappable and secured into place using two heavy-duty knurled thumbscrews, our signature recycled cardboard shades make these the perfect warm accent for that lonely table, dark corner, or blank space.

Delivery approximately 3-4 weeks


Tilt Table

Shade diameter: 14″ | 34 cm
Lamp height: 22″ | 24 cm


Cord set: 10 ft. white cloth cord with a wall plug.