Bover Maxi P/180 Outdoor Floor Lamp


The Maxi P/180 outdoor light by Bover was created back in 2001, its timeless style makes it still relevant today. Its sleek structure with beautiful warm glow creates the perfect atmosphere for any outdoor area. The Maxi P/180 is constructed with translucent ribbon with the base formed with iron and stainless steel. This lamp is compatible with three different bulbs a T5, LED and LED dimmable. The Maxi P is also available as a pendant light.   

Delivery in approximately  2-3 weeks.

International shipping available.

Bover Maxi P/180 Outdoor light


Bulbs (Not included): 

T5 - 2 x 28W T5 HE

LED/LED Dimmable - 49,2 W LED / CRI: 90 / 2700ºK

IP Rating: IP66

Weight: 13.8