Ceiling spotlights create focus points and are one of the most versatile lighting schemes for domestic and commercial interiors.
Spotlights are perfect for illuminating kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways. Some spot fittings include a swivel base or multiple heads that can be adjusted to suit the interior. At Inspyer Lighting we also have a choice of recessed downlights to choose from.
Orluna Dino Twin Downlight
Orluna Dino Fixed Downlight
Orluna True Adjustable Downlight
Orluna Air Butterfly Spotlight
DCW Editions Biny SPOT
Orluna Dino Adjustable Downlight
Orluna One Adjustable Downlight
Orluna Curve Mini Fixed Downlight
Nemo LUX W-D Double Emission Outdoor Wall Light
Orluna Otto Fixed Downlight
Orluna Mina Adjustable Downlight
Orluna Tiyo Fixed Downlight
Orluna Roc 100 Uplight
Orluna True Fixed Downlight
Orluna Air Rose Spotlight
Orluna Air Screw Spotlight
Orluna Curve Fixed Downlight