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At Inspyer Lighting we have an extensive range of traditional, contemporary and luxury ceiling lights, floor lamps, floor lamps and wall lights to choose from.
With light collections from the worlds leading lighting designers including Anglepoise, Original BTC, and DCW Editions.
We are sure you will find the perfect light to complement your interior.
Anglepoise Original 1227 Giant Floor Lamp available from Inspyer Lighting
Jacco Maris Solo LED Linear Suspension Light
Available from Inspyer Lighting The Aria Transparent Suspension Light by SLAMP
Angelpoise Type 75 Giant Floor Lamp available from Inspyer Lighting
Terzani Mizu 7 Light Pendant Light
Available at Inspyer Lighting, La Lollo Suspension Light from SLAMP
Available at Inspyer Lighting The Framed Floor Lamp by Jacco Marris
Terzani Virgins Suspension Light by Terzani
Antinea Floor Lamp by Terzani

Terzani Antinea Floor Lamp

Tresor Ceiling Light by Terzani
Terzani Kika Suspension Light
Hugo Floor Lamp by Terzani

Terzani Hugo Floor Lamp

Terzani Angel Falls Suspension Light
Foscarini Havana Suspension Light
Foscarini Birdie Suspension Light
Foscarini Birdie Chandelier
Foscarini Allegro Ritmico
Foscarini Allegretto Ritmico
Original BTC Cranton Oval Pendant Light
Original BTC Cranton Hexagonal Pendant Light
Bullet Floor Lamp
Slamp Veli 7 Light Suspension Light