DCW Editions In The Tube 120-1300 Outdoor Wall Light or Suspension Light


Inspired by the industrial striplights commonly found in French power stations, In The Tube is a decorative and highly flexible wall or suspension light.

A borosilicate glass tube houses the LED filament bulbs in a linear formation. Stainless steel mountings and aluminium stoppers sealed with silicon ensure the light is entirely water and weather resistant, making it suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

A choice of reflector allows control over the colour of the light. The reflector sits behind the bulbs and is available in three finishes: silver, copper, and gold. Silver emits the coolest light, whilst gold emits the warmest.

An optional mesh is available to further diffuse the light. The mesh sits around each bulb and is available in silver or gold.

The outdoor option includes a connection box to protect wiring from water and humidity. This box can also be used to hide wiring when mounted indoors. If you would prefer the In The Tube Wall Light without connection box click here.

The In The Tube collection comprises strong ideas, forms that are both free and constrained, and it comes in several lengths, diameters, and colours.

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Suspension kit sold separately here.


- Tube: Borosilicate glass
- Waterproof stopper: Black silicon and aluminium cast
- Adjustable collar: stainless steel
- Removable mesh: copper/gold/silver finish
- Reflector: Aluminium and stainless steel
- Fastenings: Stainless steel
- Wire: Black rubber


- Ø 120mm x Length 1320mm


- Light Bulb Fitting: E27 23W
- Number of Lamps: 6
- Light Bulb Shape: GLS
- Maximum Wattage: 138
- Type of glass: Borosilicate glass
- IP Rating: IP64
- Dimmable: Yes
- Transformer: Not required
- Light Bulb Supplied: No
- Cable Type: Black Rubber
- Maximum Drop: N/A

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