Davey Lighting

With roots dating back to the shipyards of 19th Century London, Davey Lighting combines industrial light design, traditional craftsmanship, and the finest raw materials to produce a wide range of pendant lights, wall lights, and exterior lighting products. We are sure you will find the perfect light to
complement your residential or commercial interior.


7677 Exterior Bracket Light 60W
8125 Oval Aluminium Bulkhead Light With Eye Shield
Anodised Marine Mast Wall Light
LED Mast Light from Davey Lighting
7677 Exterior Bracket Light 100W Swan Neck
7212 Pillar LED Wall Light Extra Narrow
7672 Exterior Bracket Light 60W Corner Fork
7677 Guard 60W Galvanised and Black
Oval Aluminium Bulkhead Light in Silver With Guard
8120 Oval Aluminium Bulkhead Light Without Guard
7568 Step or Path Light - LED
7434 Large Oval Brass Bulkhead Light With Eyelid Shield
Weatherproof Ship's Double Well Glass Wall Light
Rise & Fall School Pendant Light
7216 Pillar Offset LED Wall Light
Davey Lighting Mast Wall Light
8122 Oval Aluminium Bulkhead Light With Guard
Available from Inspyer Lighting Bracket Light by Davey Lighting
7672 Exterior Bracket Light 60W Round Back Plate
Available from Inspyer Lighting The 7679 Well Glass Wall Light by Davey Lighting

Well Glass Wall Light