Davey Lighting

With roots dating back to the shipyards of 19th Century London, Davey Lighting combines industrial light design, traditional craftsmanship, and the finest raw materials to produce a wide range of pendant lights, wall lights, and exterior lighting products. We are sure you will find the perfect light to
complement your residential or commercial interior.


7212 Pillar LED Wall Light Extra Narrow
7434 Large Oval Brass Bulkhead Light With Eyelid Shield
Weatherproof Ship's Double Well Glass Wall Light
7216 Pillar Offset LED Wall Light
7204 Weatherproof Ship's Well Glass Ceiling Light
7211 Pillar Wall Light Narrow
7211 Pillar LED Wall Light Narrow
7202 Miniature Weatherproof Ship's Companionway Ceiling Light
7207 Weatherproof Ship's Well Glass Wall Light
7436 Small Oval Brass Bulkhead Light With Eyelid Shield
7210 Pillar Wall Light Wide
7210 Pillar LED Wall Light Wide
7214 Pillar Table Lamp

7214 Pillar Table Lamp

7213 Pillar Pendant Light

7213 Pillar Pendant Light

7215 Pillar Floor Lamp

7215 Pillar Floor Lamp