At Inspyer Lighting we have access to a wide range of decorative chandeliers and shall be updating this collection soon.
If you are looking for something specific or require a bespoke chandelier for your interior design or commercial interior call us 01992 252 900 or email
Alternatively, view our collection of modern pendant lights or decorative suspension lights.
Nemo Crown Major Pendant Light
Jacco Maris Ruban Plie 8 Light Oval Suspension Light
Nemo Crown Magnum Chandelier
Schwung Brass RD15 6 Arm Chandelier
AxoLight Spillray 26 Suspension Light
Jacco Maris Ode 1647 Ceiling Lamp
Flos Zeppelin Suspension Light
Preciosa George Ceiling Light
Preciosa Venus XL Chandelier
Preciosa Venus L Chandelier
Preciosa Venus S Chandelier
Preciosa King XL Chandelier
Preciosa King L Chandelier
Preciosa King S Chandelier
Preciosa Fractal XL Chandelier
Preciosa Fractal L Chandelier
Preciosa Fractal M Chandelier
Preciosa Fractal S Chandelier
Nemo Crown Summa Chandelier
Moooi Perch Tree Light
DCW Editions Broche Chandelier
SCHWUNG Home Soap DT6 Brass Chandelier Available from Inspyer Lighting

Schwung Soap DT6 Chandelier

Schwung Soap B7 Chandelier Medium
Schwung Soap B7 Chandelier Large
SCHWUNG Home RD15 Brass 8 Arm Chandelier available from Inspyer Lighting
SCHWUNG Home Brass RD15 12 Arm Chandelier Available from Inspyer Lighting