Brokis Puro Sparkle Suspension Light


The endless variability of the Puro collection, by Brokis, has given rise to several new lighting objects, such as the suspension light called Sparkle. The symbolic Sparkle shines with noble yet minimalistic geometry and constitutes the centrepiece of any space. The multiple tubes of matte opal or smoke grey glass radiate outward in diffuse light for a magical interior ambience and dynamic. Sparkle levitates in space and dominates its interior landscape. It is a light sculpture and the embodiment of positive energy.

Puro Sparkle comes in three sizes and the largest composition creates an amazing lighting object nearly 2,5 m in diameter.

The Brokis Puro Sparkle Suspension Light is available in the following finishes:

Glass colours:

  • triplex opal
  • dark grey

    Canopy finishes:

    • black glass
    • white glass

     Cable colours:

    • black
    • white

    Glass surface:

    • acid-etched both side 

    Body finish:

    • black 
    • white


    • 600mm 24V, LED, 9.5W, 2700K, 547lm, RA80+, DIM 
    • 800mm 24V, LED, 15W, 2700K, 880lm, RA80+, DIM 
    • 1000mm 24V, LED, 17.5W, 2700K,1035lm, RA80+, DIM
    • 600mm 24V, LED, 9.5W, 4000K, 672lm, RA80+, DIM 
    • 800mm 24V, LED, 15W, 4000K, 1080lm, RA80+, DIM
    • 1000mm 24V, LED, 17.5W, 4000K, 1270lm, RA80+, DIM  
    • 600mm 24V, LED, 9.5W, 5000K, 711lm, RA80+, DIM 
    • 800mm 24V, LED, 15W, 5000K, 1145lm, RA80+, DIM 
    • 1000mm 24V, LED, 17.5W, 5000K, 1346lm, RA80+, DIM  

    Dimming Options:

    • non-dimmable 
    • RF system - remote control 
    • PWM signal 
    • 1-10V 
    • DALI version 
    • AC phase-cut 

    Dimensions and product references:

    1310 x 1410 mm - PC1053

    1680 x 1820 mm - PC1054

    2020 x 2210 mm - PC1055


    For pricing please contact us using the 'Add to Quote' button and simply add your contact details and which colour/body/cable options etc. you require. We will normally respond within one business day.

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