Outdoor Lighting

At Inspyer Lighting, we have a large variety of options when it comes to your outdoor lighting. Lighting is important for good security by removing one of the key advantages that burglars and other intruders have at night time. What's more, by lighting up an outside space, people walking around outside will be able to see where they're going at night and will be less likely to trip and fall. So, if you're planning to improve the safety and security of your property, or you simply want to extend the use of your outdoor area well into the night, we are confident that we'll have  just the thing you're looking for. 

With a variety of different shapes, styles and colours, from table lights to floor lamps, we are able to cater to the needs of all of our customers. Find light fixtures that suit the aesthetic of your property couldn't be easier with our range. Luxury is a big concern for us, which is why we source each and every one our products from leading brands, who manufacturer outstanding quality, long-lasting lighting. 

Please feel free to browse our range of outdoor lighting below, you select a specific style for a filtered shopping experience. Before making a decision, make sure you know exactly what it is you hope to achieve by installing new lights; ask yourself what atmosphere you'd like to create. Your final decision should be a true reflection of your personality.

Delivery on your Inspyer Lighting order is available worldwide but is only free for mainland UK or purchases over £250  in the EU. After placing an order, you will receive an email letting you know when your new lights have been dispatched. If you require any further information about a particular product, you can click on it for a more technical specification. Alternatively, you can contact us and a member of our expert team will be able to offer you their professional advice and answer any of your queries. 

Bover Amphora Large Indoor Floor Lamps available from Inspyer Lighting
Garota Hang Outdoor Pendant
Bover Fora Outdoor Suspension Light
Bover Amphora Indoor Floor Lamps available from Inspyer Lighting
Bover Alba Outdoor Light
Bover Platet Outdoor Wall Light
Bover Lineana H Outdoor Wall Light
Bover Lineana Ipe Outdoor Wall Light
Bover Lineana V Outdoor Wall Light
Bover Sisal Outdoor Wall Light
Bover Garota Outdoor Suspension Light
Bover Garota Outdoor Floor Lamp
Bover Elipse Outdoor Pendant Light
Bover Elipse Portable Outdoor Pendant Light
Bover Elipse Outdoor Ceiling Light
Bover Amphora Mini Floor Lamp
Bover Tanit Outdoor Table Lamp
Bover Cornet B/27
Cornet b/52
Bover Cornet B/77
Bover Syra 60 Outdoor Pendant Lamp
Bover Syra 60 Outdoor Pendant Lamp
Bover Moai B/60 Outdoor Bollard Light
Bover Moai B/35 Outdoor Bollard Light