Tala Voronoi II LED Bulb 3W E27


Tala's Voronoi II LED Bulb's thick glass form creates an inviting and harmonious volume of soft light. The singular, elongated LED light source is the first of its kind to elegantly wrap around the central column, exuding a warm Taurus of light that matches the Fibonacci inspired curvature.

Inspired by the Voronoi patterns found in the forest canopy, Tala created a final glass form that looks and feels like an object carved by nature.

The Voronoi II is the larger, statement sibling of the set. 

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- Wattage: 3W
- Lampholder: E27
- CRI: >95
- Lumens: 120
- Colour Temp.: 2200K
- Dimmable 
- Glass Finish: Iron tint

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