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What Lighting is Best for Make-up Application?

What Lighting is Best for Make-up Application?

The right lighting can make all the difference between poor and flawless make-up application.

To achieve an even and natural coverage, it is essential to find or create the perfect lighting conditions in your home.

Here are our top tips for creating the ideal makeup lighting in your home, helping you to achieve a flawless finish every time…

Natural Light: Sunlight is going to provide the most accurate lighting for make-up application, so sitting in front of a window in daylight is a great place for your makeovers. The light needs to be able to spread across your face evenly, without any shadows, so looking straight into the light, rather than allowing it to hit one side of your face is the best angle.

LED Lighting: If you do not have the luxury of doing your make-up in natural daylight, then you can install LED lighting. LED lighting closely resembles the colour spectrum of natural light. By adding some LED light bulbs in your bathroom or around your make-up mirror, you will ensure that the light is evenly distributed across your face.

Dimmers: Dimmers are great, because they allow you to see what your make-up will look like in a range of different light settings.

Side Lights: Overhead lighting will cast shadows on your face, which is not ideal when you are applying makeup. The best set up for doing your make-up is in front of a wall hanging mirror, with bright lights on either side of it. We recommend the elegant Art Deco range of pillar lights by Davey Lighting. The 7216 LED Pillar Light is perfect for bathrooms and vanity mirrors because it can be offset from the wall and includes a dimmable driver. This will allow you to check your make-up at different light levels.

As you can see there are a few simple and inexpensive changes you can make at home to achieve better lighting for your beauty needs. If you need some help choosing a lighting solution, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our lighting experts.

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