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Restaurant & Bar Lighting Ideas

Restaurant & Bar Lighting Ideas

Lighting is a vital design element for any bar or restaurant owner. With the correct lighting you can create a perfect dining atmosphere or even entice customers into your bar.

When deciding on the best type of lighting for your business, it's important to consider the following:

  1. The atmosphere you want to create – think about the type of food you serve i.e. fast food or gourmet. With Gourmet, for example, you want your customers to feel relaxed and take their time, whereas fast food tends to be brighter and more energetic.
  2. The interior design and colour scheme of your bar or restaurant – You will want to try and incorporate your new lighting designs into this scheme.

Here are four different lighting ideas and their benefits to help you find the right style for your business…

Track fixtures and spotlights

Track fixture lighting is widely used in the food & drink industry because they are practical and cost effective. Because they are adjustable, they offer the ability to direct lighting in many directions.  This allows you to create a number of focal points across the room, such as tables or bar areas.

Hanging pendants

Hanging pendants are one of the most popular forms of restaurant and bar lighting. They offer easy installation and are perfect for positioning over tables, counter tops or bars. They are a very effective way to add a theme to your restaurant and used in the right way can create a stunning focal point. The Benben Pendant Light is a great example of this.

Wall lights

Using accent lights on the walls creates a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. It can also offer an attractive form of picture lighting or highlight decorative features around the room. We think the Uriel Wall Light is a perfect wall light choice.

Outdoor lighting

If you are lucky enough to offer an outdoor space, your lighting choices can make all the difference. You can use various forms of lighting to highlight the architecture of the building, illuminate your signage or simply create a relaxing ambience. Take a look at the Amphora Floor Lamp for a little inspiration.

At Inspyer Lighting we have an extensive range of traditional, contemporary and luxury ceiling lights, floor lamps and wall lights to choose from. With light collections from the world’s leading lighting designers including Anglepoise, Original BTC, and DCW Editions, we are sure you will find the perfect light to complement your interior.

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