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Planning a Lighting Scheme for Your Office

Planning a Lighting Scheme for Your Office

When planning the interior of an office space, picking out furniture and planning where to put it will probably take up the majority of your attention. There are other, less tangible elements that are as equally important to consider, such as the lighting.

All work spaces need good quality lighting, especially if want your staff to perform well. Human beings are wired to work in the day time, when there’s plenty of natural light. However, since not all offices are blessed with large windows, you may have to think about other ways to illuminate the space appropriately and affordably.

If there aren’t many windows in the office, it’s worth considering an open plan layout to improve the flow of daylight. However, you will still need to install good quality lighting, so it’s worth considering using energy efficient light bulbs, to reduce your overall utility costs.

As well as the main ceiling lights, you could also think about installing task lighting to help ensure your employees can clearly see what they’re doing at all times. Whether or not this is necessary depends on the type of work they need to do.

If you have fluorescent lights, make sure they don’t flicker. This can distract your staff, as it is incredibly irritating. What’s more, if you have any employees who are susceptible to seizures, this can be really harmful for them. It’s really important that you consider the needs of every single member of your workforce; talk to them and find out if they have any lighting requirements that they’re otherwise afraid to mention.

With such a huge variety of lighting options on the market today, we are confident that you will find an inexpensive. If you’d like any support planning a lighting scheme, don’t hesitate to get in touch and a member of our design team will gladly help as best they can.

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