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Kitchen Cupboard & Cabinet Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Cupboard & Cabinet Lighting Ideas

By adding lighting to your kitchen cupboards and cabinets, you can take your interior design from simple to striking. The addition of some carefully planned light fittings can improve both the appearance and the functionality of your kitchen. For example, under cupboard lighting will not only add a contemporary look, but it will also provide the perfect kitchen task lighting for preparing meals.

With so many styles and designs to choose from, lighting can be added to almost any area in the kitchen. Here are a few ideas to help inspire (or Inspyer) you…

 Above cupboard lighting

Using lighting above your cupboards can help to create an illusion of space and add a really opulent look to your kitchen.  LED strip lighting is a really good option for adding light above kitchen units. This type of lighting will help to eliminate any dark shadows and really brighten up your kitchen design.

Under cupboard lighting

Under cabinet lighting not only creates a contemporary lighting scheme for your kitchen, but it also provides useful task lighting for preparing food. The two most popular types of under cupboard lighting are LED strip lights and spotlights. Spotlights can be used to provide areas of concentrated light, or strip lights offer a beam of even light across a wider area.

Display cabinet lighting

Display cabinets are a great place to show off your special glassware or your unique gin collection. By adding light fittings to the inside of a display cabinet you can really help them to stand out. One simple method of adding lighting to a kitchen display cabinet is to install a downlight in the top of the unit. If you are unable to make holes to install a downlight, another popular solution is LED stick on lights for kitchen cupboards, which are battery powered.

Kickboard lighting

Kickboard lighting is another simple and effective way to add a modern lighting scheme to your kitchen. Using a hidden LED strip along the bottom of your kitchen units you can add a new layer of lighting and inject new life into your kitchen cupboards. These can also be remote controlled and some can change colour to suit your mood or the theme of your dinner party!

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