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Children’s Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Children’s Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Bedroom lighting for children needs to be functional, as well as fun and exciting. You want to help stimulate their growing imaginations when using their bedroom to play, but also create a safe and calm environment for bedtime. Bedroom lighting should illuminate their world in a magical way, and a well-designed lighting scheme should also grow with the child.

With all this to consider we have put together some helpful advice and lighting ideas for your child’s bedroom…

The best starting point to choosing the right lighting scheme for your child’s bedroom is to carefully consider the types of activities that will take place there. Will these activities require additional lighting and where should these be placed? Once you have given this some thought, you can then decide whether the following lighting layers are right for your child’s room:

Overhead lighting

Ensure overhead ambient lighting is sufficient to illuminate the room and allow your child to go about their daily activities. This can be in the form of spotlights or a pendant light and you can have fun with the theme by adding a decorative lampshade.

TIP: If you install a dimmer switch or smart bulb with dimmable capabilities, you will be able to adjust the mood of the lighting – lower for bedtime for example.

Table lamps

A child’s bedroom wouldn’t be complete without a table lamp, no matter how old the child is. Table lamps are flexible and versatile, making them perfect for younger children drawing, as well as for older children reading or studying.

Themed lights

There are some really imaginative children’s lights on the market, which will really add some character to a bedroom and set your children’s imagination on fire. One of our favourite themed lights is the Street Wall Light by Migaloo. It is a remarkable wall light, with wooden figures included and it allows your child to have fun playing whilst offering a soft night light.

Whether you are looking for a fun ceiling light or functional task lighting, we can help to maximise the lighting potential of your child’s bedroom. To discuss your lighting project with one of our lighting designers, please contact us today.

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