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Article written by The Interior Editor, Maria Jones.

I thought I’d share my win with you and why they are so utterly brilliant.

I couldn’t resist sharing one of my all-time favourite iconic lighting brands, Anglepoise® today and the fact that I have recently won an Original 1227™ Anglepoise® Mini Table Lamp from Inspyer Lighting, I thought I’d share my win with you and why they are so utterly brilliant.

Choosing the right lighting for your homes is not only important to carry out our everyday tasks, but it’s also essential for our wellbeing so it’s definitely worth investing in. You really can’t go wrong when you combine good looks, flexibility and tried and trusted designs that have provided us with the perfect task lighting for the past 80 years. Anglepoise® have done just that and they’re still going strong today!

Hands up whose entered a competition or two over the years with the ideology that “You’ve got to be in it to win it” so you enter and then completely forget about it because the chances of actually winning are mostly stacked against you but you enter anyway. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that I had won an iconic Anglepoise® Original 1227™ Mini Table Lamp from Inspyer Lighting and it looks perfect in my office don’t you think?


Original 1227™ Anglepoise® Mini Table Lamp Dusky Pink from Inspyer Lighting


There’s a fascinating history behind the Anglepoise brand and with 80 years behind them of producing the perfect task lighting, it’s no surprise that many designers have tried to imitate them over the years.

You may not know that the very first Anglepoise® lamp was actually designed by a car engineer George Carwardine. His experimentation was based on engineering principles to produce a lamp that could be manoeuvred into various directions and remain in position. He went on to achieve his goals by developing a lamp that could be supported and balanced by a sequence of springs, cams, levers and weights so that it could be constantly repositioned to provide light in specific directions whilst remaining balanced and held in position.

The Designs

Task lighting at it’s best, Anglepoise® looks as fabulous today in our homes as it did 80 years ago. Although the design elements have practically remained the same, it’s been given various makeovers over the years, mainly with a variance on colourway options but also with new forms such as wall lighting, floor lamps and pendants. I’d thought I’d introduce you to a few of my favourites today, as there are so many to choose from you may want to check out their other designs at your leisure as you’ll probably find yourselves spending more time that you ought to. Don’t say I haven’t warned you!

In 1935 Anglepoise® released what was to become to be their most iconic design, the Original 1227 lamp. It’s been refined over the years and it’s still hugely popular and one that usually springs to mind when Anglepoise® is mentioned. It was originally sold as the perfect blackout lamp during World War 2.

Dusky Pink Original 1227™ Anglepoise® Mini Table Lamp

Considered one of our British design classics, there’s a lot of Anglepoise® heritage packed into the 51cm of metal and cable that make up the Original 1227™ Mini fixed arm table lamp. It’s available in a range of colours to suit every decor. I’m personally loving the dusky almost lilac pink body and contrasting silky burgundy cord which I won as it fits in beautifully with my office setting.

The classic shade is instantly recognisable, whilst the new pyramid-shaped base, with its highly practical integral switch, breaks new ground without losing any of the original Anglepoise® spirit.

I have to say the dusky pink colour is easy on the eye and whilst I’ve styled it in my office which is predominately white, it would also look great in darker styled rooms and would work well as a bedside lamp as it offers the perfect glare-free task lighting for late night reading soirees.

Type 75 Desk Lamp – Margaret Howell Collection

Various British designers have also had their take on the look of these iconic lamps such as the esteemed British designer Margaret Howell who has frequently championed the Anglepoise® lamp. Admiring the similar design qualities that are the essence of her clothing: simplicity, functionality, authenticity, and timelessness, Margaret has designed 3 colourways for the Type 75 Desk Lamp. It follows her success of the Yellow Ochre Edition which was matched to the original 1970’s Anglepoise® lamp. The other two new complementary colours to the desk lamp collection are Saxon Blue and Seagrass. Perfect for a quirky and fun bedroom table lamp, office desk light, or reading light.

Perfect for a quirky and fun bedroom table lamp

Type 75 Giant Floor Lamp by Anglepoise

There’s a wonderful story behind the existence of the Type 75 Giant Floor Lamp by Anglepoise ®. In 2005, the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre asked Anglepoise® to produce a giant version of the Anglepoise® Original 1227™ lamp that sat on the desk in Dahl’s writing hut.

Three prototypes were produced; one for the Centre, a second is sold to film director, Tim Burton and a third was exhibited at the 100% Design Exhibition in London. It generated so much interest that it was put into production for us all to enjoy. It’s a made to order lamp and is on the expensive side, it’s definitely worth investing in as its giant form makes a fabulous design statement.

Original 1227 Brass Wall Light

We actually invested in the Anglepoise® Classic 1227 wall lights for our daughter’s bedroom redesign a few years ago (you can read about it here) They’re great for highlighting and defining different areas in a room which in this case was the bed and reading chair areas as well as highlighting her chosen art. What’s great about these lights is you can either switch them off at the wall or by the switch at the base of the lamp offering you a little more flexibility, together with their multi directional lamp head.

The Original 1227 Brass Wall light is available in heritage-inspired colours, twisted woven fabric cable and authentic brass details create a new aesthetic for this iconic Anglepoise® design.

Type 75 Anglepoise® Mini Metallic Wall Lights and Anglepoise Desk Lamp Gold Lustre

For greater impact use these rather fabulous Type 75™ Mini Metallic wall lights grouped together to highlight an area in your homes. Fitted with a shade that’s adjustable it casts both focused and ambient light perfect for adding a different layer of light and at a different height within a room.

Available in three beautiful, anodised brushed aluminium finishes – Gold, Silver and Copper Lustre perfect for adding some grown-up Midas touch finish to your homes no matter what your preferred metallic choice. Although, there’s nothing stopping you from mixing different metallic finishes in a room. It’s all down to personal preference. There’s also a Type 75 Mini Metallic Desk Lamp to match.

Type 1228 Angelpoise Desk Lamp

Another fabulous design from Anglepoise®, the Type 1228™ desk lamps shade rotates to provide both functional and ambient light and now it boasts an even more smoothly integrated switch too, making it easier to use. Its available in Ice White, Granite Grey and Ocean Blue.

It’s a neat lamp with its new, more compact base and would make a sophisticated and functional addition to any office, bedroom or living space.

Original 1227 Giant Outdoor Floor Lamp

And lastly why not make a statement in the garden with Anglepoise®. Bringing you a classic blend of form and function to your outside spaces. Made to last from marine-grade stainless steel fittings and knurled bespoke adjuster wheels, sealed light unit and durable silicone rubber cable, make the Original 1227™ Outdoor Giant floor lamp the perfect exterior lighting solution.

Available in 15 colours this statement light will turn a garden terrace into a striking al fresco area.

Do you have a favourite Anglepoise Light?

Or perhaps you own one or two already. It’d be lovely to hear from you.

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