Foscarini is an Italian decorative lighting design company boasting an innovative collection of over 60 models, more than 20 materials and 30+ designers. Foscarini products emotionally personalise any living environment, public or private.

We are delighted to offer customers a range of lights from Foscarini one of the worlds most prestigious lighting companies, including their Diesel collection. Foscarini produces beautiful decorative lamps conceived as design objects that can transform spaces whether they are on or off.

Foscarini Gregg Mix & Match Floor Lamp White - Clearance
Foscarini Buds 2 Table Lamp White - Clearance
Foscarini Buds 3 Suspension Light White - Clearance
Foscarini Tobia Floor Lamp Yellow - Clearance
Foscarini Caboche Plus Ceiling Light - Clearance
Foscarini Gregg Wall / Ceiling Light
Foscarini Twiggy Wood Suspension Light
Foscarini Chouchin Semi Wall Light
Foscarini Chouchin White Suspension Light
Foscarini Chouchin Reverse 2
Foscarini Lumiere XX Ceiling / Wall Light
Foscarini Lumiere XX Table Lamp
Foscarini Lumiere XXL Floor Lamp
Foscarini Orbital Floor Lamp
Foscarini Tobia Wall Light
Foscarini Tobia Floor Lamp