Axolight is a lighting company based in Italy and in the United States, which designs and manufactures high-end decorative designer lamps, prevalently for indoor use.

Hand-made in Italy
Every single Axolight product - whether included in the brand’s standard production or the result of a custom request is designed, developed, tested and manually assembled in the company workshop in Scorzè (Venice).

Multidimensional appeal
Axolight designs and manufactures products in small, medium and large sizes. For each Axolight product included in the catalogue, you can find out the sizes available by following the size indication: S, M, L, XL.

Materials, Processes and Sustainability
Axolight manufactures its products by processing around a dozen materials (metals, fabrics and glass first and foremost). 2018 saw the launch on the market of Jewel, the first Axolight product made with nylon and recycled fibreglass and aluminium. All Axolight products are made in conformity with international standards on the subject of
human and environmental welfare.

Axolight appeals to a demanding niche clientèle, distributed across around 90 different countries, to whom the brand offers creations and services also with customised solutions.
AxoLight Clavius Floor Lamp - Clearance
AxoLight Float Portable Floor Lamp
AxoLight Float Pendant Light
AxoLight Float Portable Wall Light
AxoLight Float Portable Table Lamp
AxoLight Jewel Mono Pendant Light
AxoLight Nelly Straight Wall / Ceiling Light
AxoLight Nelly Wall / Ceiling Light
AxoLight Muse Wall / Ceiling Light
AxoLight Polia Wall Light
AxoLight Ego Wall / Ceiling Light
AxoLight Kwic Wall / Ceiling Light
AxoLight Kwic Suspension Light
AxoLight Kwic Floor Lamp

AxoLight Kwic Floor Lamp

AxoLight Manto Suspension Light
AxoLight Cut Table Lamp

AxoLight Cut Table Lamp